Mainsail / for one-design sport keelboats / J70 / cross-cut
XCS-1 North Sails Sailmaking


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    for one-design sport keelboats

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The XCS-1 main is an all-purpose sail for all conditions. The traditional crosscut panel layout allows the rig to be set quite loose in light air, to maximize headstay sag, power and pointing ability. It also easily accommodates the increase in rig tension and backstay that are needed in the J/70 to depower in big breeze. The crosscut construction allows the sail to better match your mast bend when the backstay is on hard. This balanced design has proven to be very forgiving with the ability to maintain maximum speed longer creating a wide “groove”.

The North J/70 XCS-1 Crosscut Mainsail comes standard with:

Luff curve and camber designed for carbon fiber mast
1 Gaff batten
2 full length batten How to tension battens?
2 leech battens
Loose foot
Vision and Spreader Windows
Radial teardrop patches
Spreader chafe patch
Trim stripes
Leech telltales
Class insignia
Adjustable leech and foot cords
Roll bag


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