ship monitoring and control panel / for yachts / engine / alarm system



  • Application domain:

    for ships, for yachts

  • Applications:

    engine, alarm system, engine room, for generator sets

  • Other characteristics:

    with alarm, touch screen, custom


We develop and manufacture intelligent automation solutions for engines, gear-boxes and auxiliary systems in one-off or series production. Each solution is manufactured according to your wishes and requirements and can be easily extended with additional displays and operating panels for decentral visualisation and operation. The intuitive visualisation is based on the powerful CODESYS software suite (IEC 61131) and can be adapted to your corporate design. All components are suitable for applications in harsh environments and ensure maximum operational reliability.

Application examples

Typical field of application is control and monitoring of:

Propulsion engine
Reduction gear-box
Hybrid gear-box
Trolling clutch
Others (e. g. winches, separators, purifiers, fresh and waste water treatment)