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FA11 NORIS Group GmbH


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Non-contacting multi-channel speed sensor with brass threaded tube, difference-hall-effect or inductive magnetic principle

Due to its design and its approvals especially suitable for shipbuilding industry
Speed sensor with square wave output signal
Robust housing: IP66/68
Excellent vibration and shock resistance
Variable lengths, threads and electrical connections
Optionally with two galvanically isolated output signals
Optionally with additional status signal (e. g. direction of rotation detection)

Speed sensors of type FA11 are non-contacting one-channel or multi-channel speed encoders with a brass threaded tube. They measure frequency in accordance with the difference-hall-effect principle (FAH type) or inductive-magnetic principle (FAJ type). These speed sensors are suitable for scanning ferromagnetic materials, e.g. gearwheels with various tooth shapes, screw heads, drill holes, apertures, grooves or pulse bands on smooth shafts (accessories). Its compact and robust design, as well as the relevant shipbuilding approvals, make this product ideal for marine applications.