stainless steel electrochemical marking system / shipyard
HANDY PRINT Nitty Gritty



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    for stainless steel

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The Handy Print marking system, through an immediate electrochemical reaction, at much cheaper costs than either laser or serigraphic systems, ensures a high quality marking definition on such surfaces as: stainless steel, galvanized steel, chrome steel, chrome plastic. With Handy Print, it is possible to perform black marking.
Handy Print is the first battery-powered machine for stainless steel electrochemical marking: the 40 minute-autonomy makes Handy Print the ideal solution for marking during the process on stainless steel manufacts.
The strong points of Handy Print marking systems are: mechanical and chemical resistance, higher than laser and serigraphic systems; speed; resistance to corrosion, with the marked part more resistant than the basic metal (tests available on request); no heat supply, thus preventing the marking of large logos and trade-marks on thin surfaces from deforming the latter; quality of details comparable to the laser high definition; maximum flexibility with the chance to either use the all-purpose screens or to produce disposable screens through the printing kit.
The high stability of marking, along with the complete absence of solvents, acids, and dangerous substances, allow to use the machine also in food, medical and pharmaceutical sectors (tests of ionic transfer and release available on request)