soldering cleaner / stainless steel / shipyard
PICK & CLEAN Nitty Gritty



  • Surface to be cleaned:

    soldering, stainless steel

  • Application domain:



Pick & Clean is the Nitty-Gritty eco-friendly solution for stainless steel pickling and passivation: Pick & Clean, indeed. Ideal for those who need to intervene during the process, Ideal solution for rail hand, stainless steel door, boat handles and all the manufactured of stainless steel accessories for boat , recommend use also for in Shipyard, Pick & Clean is easy to use: first, you need to apply the Pick strip on the weld to be treated, to remove slags and oxydation caused by the welding process, thus restoring the natural state of the steel; then, after removing the pickling strip, you spray Clean, which acts both as as a neutralizer and as a restraint of future corrosive phenomena. Once you remove Clean with a dry cloth, the stainless steel surface will be pickled, without any slag or oxydation

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