pickling and passivating machine for TIG welded stainless steel



Clinox Pro Energy is the solution designed for the immediate eco-friendly treatment to TIG, pulsed-arc MIG, laser, resistance, orbital, plasma, and tack welding. The advanced technology Clinox Pro Energy, through an immediate electrochemical reaction, ensures the pickling, passivation and polishing of any stainless steel weld, irrespective of the finishing, without wasting time, without leaving rings, and in complete safety for the operator. . For example, it is ideal for all the stainless steel parts of boats, sailboats, yacht and screws of boat doors.
The professional system Clinox Pro Energy, thanks to the Inverter technology, ensures an actual productivity of 96% (instead of 44%, for transformer-fitted machines), and it is fitted with: patented large torch with electrolyte automatic transmission; vapor suction system; fast interchange of optional inserts; tank with level-marker for pickling solution; automatic pump to dose liquid; patented second torch with manual dosing integrated tank, able to work simultaneously with the larger torch, thus doubling the productivity; and brush to reach more easily the least accessible points. Parts like boat ladders, anchor rollers, deck cleats, gangways and boat handles are particularly exposed to seawater, which can be very aggressive and ruin the stainless steel.
Clinox Pro Energy also allows the marking white marking of stainless steel, galvanized steel, chrome steel, carbon steel, aluminium, brass, chrome plastic, copper, and titanium.