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harbor fender / pier / cylindrical / Yokohama
NIBS France



  • Application domain:

    for harbors

  • Applications:


  • Configuration:

    cylindrical, Yokohama


The dock mobile fenders of NIBS France are designed for maximum lifetime. Their production responds to the quality standard ISO 9001. The high-end materials make it a standard guarantee of safety during docking operations. Polyolefin foam of polyethylene, physically reticulated, is associated with a coating of polyurethane resin (prepolymer + amine) Nibraprène ®, solvent, hot sprayed with the polyamide fiber reinforcement rip stop. This combination allows realizing the products of high quality guaranteed. This manufacturing concept allows NIBS fenders to undergo significant compression cycles without degradation of baseline characteristics. In order to increase lifetime of NIBS France’s fenders, the coating has a layer of finish, ensuring the eraser function of wear.