Mainsail / headsail / for cruising sailboats / tri-radial cut
Performance Neilpryde Sails


  • Type:

    mainsail, headsail

  • Applications:

    for cruising sailboats

  • Fabrication:

    tri-radial cut, polyester


These sails utilize the very latest in materials, construction, materials and design theory as they apply to our Performance Cruising sails.

The Performance Cruise line utilizes laminate fabrics that are designed specifically for more rugged use than racing fabrics. As a whole, they generally will have single or double-sided taffetas, which act to protect the directional, load bearing scrim and film from chafe, U.V. and general wear and tear. These fabric styles come in a variety of yarn types including: polyester, Pentex and Spectra, which covers the gamut of cost and efficiency. Your Neil Pryde agent will help you to navigate you through the myriad of fabrics narrowing down the range to the few fabrics that truly fit your needs and budget.


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