video corpo

eye standing rigging terminal / swage
R576-07 Navtec



  • Type:

    eye, swage


All Navtec Biconic terminals have been designed and optimized to take advantage of the strength of the fiber cable that they are being applied to. For Aramid cables, we offer Biconic terminals made from aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium to suit any application or budget. For our PBO cables, we offer our Biconic terminals in titanium due to the unique requirements of the PBO fiber.

All Navtec fittings have been designed and applied to each Aramid or PBO cable size to provide adequate strength for any strength or stretch application. Our fittings use standard pin sizes and dimensions that make retrofit and new rig application easy. Alternatively, Navtec can supply any number of non-standard pin sizes or fitting dimensions to suit specific applications. The female thread in our Biconic terminal offers one of the most versatile attachment available.
Virtually any custom fitting design can be adapted to fit our terminals.

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