Ship dynamic positioning system
NavDP 4000 Series Navis Engineering Oy


  • Application domain:

    for ships


Field of interest of the company founders since early 1980 was the development and tests of the automatic control system for hovercraft, type of the ships with much faster dynamics comparing to majority of the offshore vessels.

This experience and fundamental knowledge of the subject was the base for the successful lunch of the first system on board of “Candy Pioneer” in February 2000.
Around 600 systems now serve our customers on board of the ships in major oil and gas offshore development areas.
Unique algorithms help us to keep the position of the vessels with fast dynamics, lightweight and shallow draft — fast crew boats and jack-up rigs vessels, or in cases when fast reaction from the system is required.

In 2002 we have delivered dynamic positing system for the first water jet driven fast crew boat in the world. Since than we deliver around 150 systems to boats with different propulsion configurations — from simple in build and operation fixed pitch propellers and to recently developed and delivered hybrid driven ones.


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