positioning portable pilot unit / FPSO / for offshore service vessels
ShuttlePilot Fixed Navicom Dynamics


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    positioning, FPSO, for offshore service vessels


ShuttlePilot Fixed (SPF) is installed on the permanently-sited vessel (FPSO/FSO/FSRU/FLNG).

Features include:
1. Calculates accurate position, heading and ROT for the vessel on which it is fitted (FPSO
2. Transmits this data over a radio link to the ShuttlePilot Remote on the other vessel (often a
3. Optionally, can send data to on-board LAN network.
4. Receives remote Emergency Shutdown signal from ShuttlePilot Remote (with the pilot on
the tanker).
5. Also provides data that can be used for Riser Monitoring.

Combines with ShuttlePilot Portable (SPP), the ShuttlePilot Remote (SPR) and ShuttlePilot Display (SPD) to complete a full ShuttlePilot system