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Ship inert gas generator


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    for ships


Navalimpianti Flue Inert Gas System meets and exceeds IMO MARPOL requirements. The original design of the gas quenching & scrubbing unit provides five different sections for the maximum effectiveness of inlet gas cooling and cleaning:
1.Inlet Venturi quench and scrubber made of special corrosion resistant alloy;
2.Cyclone water & soot separator;
3.Packing ring mass transfer section for the abatement of SOx and chemical fractions;
4.Direct sea water spraying on gas stream for final gas cleaning;
5.High efficiency impact demister section.

Further to construction and operation principles, it is not necessary to timely access the internal parts of the equipment, as usual on other systems. The corrosion protection is provided, for cold sea water wetted parts, by hi thickness, two layers coal tar epoxy applied over the sandblasted (SA2.5) carbon steel surface. The centrifugal fans casing is internally coated by similar treatment; a fixed water spraying system makes easier the impeller cleaning at the end of operation. The Deck Water Seal, wet type, is provided with the same type of impact demister used in the scrubber unit and fitted with antifreezing, steam operated, heating coil. The control system provides fully automatic operations from the main control cabinet and fulfils the Rule requirements for CCR (with chart recorder) and wheelhouse remote control units. Available sizes satisfy the requirements from small units to ULCC tankers. Navalimpianti design centre can customise the system on special requirements.


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