Pleasure boat antifouling / hard matrix / high-performance / multi-use
A4T.Speed Nautix


  • Market:

    for pleasure boats

  • Type:

    hard matrix, high-performance

  • Formulated for:



Nautix A4T.SpeedTM is high performance hard matrix antifouling with gliding-effect components especially recommended for regatta- and power-boats. This antifouling is selected by the most prestigious racing boats and skippers worldwide and became a reference for all racing boats.
The “T.SpeedTM” means super smooth friction free surface and reduces turbulence to increase speed or save fuel.

Antifouling contains biocides Use antifouling products with care. Before use, read safety information on the label. Should only be wet sanded.

Other information :
Pack sizes : 0.75L / 2.5L / 20L
Thinner/Cleaner : DA
Suitable for high speed craft : Yes


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