Yacht davit / hydraulic / folding / rotating
EZ-FC Nautical Structures


  • Application domain:

    for yachts

  • Operation:


  • Type:

    folding, rotating


The hydraulic folding crane system (FC-series) is a recent innovation from Nautical Structures. Initially developed for a well-known yacht builder in New Zealand, this davit system was designed to fold into a compact configuration — perfect for concealed spaces below deck. The FC system elevates and unfolds into a more conventional davit shape. It features a telescoping boom section to maximize the davit’s reach potential and is constructed entirely from aluminum. All hydraulics are concealed within the structure and finished in either a bright anodized or AwlGRIP paint.

EZ-FC Crane
For over a decade the EZ-Systems Hydraulic Deck Crane has proven to be of the highest state-of-the-art yacht crane technology in an aesthetically pleasing design. Perhaps our most innovative and unique design; Nautical Structures manufactures the Folding-Crane design in capacities from 2200-pounds to 8800-pounds (1000-Kg to 4000-Kg), with a hydraulic telescoping boom extending section.


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