ultrasonic level switch / for ships / for storage tanks



  • Technology:


  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Applications:

    for storage tanks


THE ULTRASONIC LIQUID LEVEL SWITCH ASL-400 is constructed for using on sea-going vessels and in industrial plants. This is the new pure static (patented) sensor work upon the principle of distributed acoustic waves in a metal rod. During its life (MTBF 25 years), ASL-400 needs no adjustment.

Sensitive piezo-ceramic components and electronics are placed at the top of the sensor, not in direct contact with liquids, but perceive the liquid presence through acoustic waves propagated inside a long metal rod. This helps to reach extreme working temperatures (-200°C - +200°C)


Static metallic rod sensor
No vibration principle, no optics
No function-dependence of density, viscosity, conductivity and permitivity
No sensitiveness against soil
Manual or Automatical function test device
Special execution for high aggressive media with Hastelloy C, all wetted parts or anti-corrosive varnish coating