Commercial engine / inboard / diesel / mechanical fuel injection
N2.10 SP60 Nanni Industries


  • Market:


  • Type:


  • Power source:


  • Technology:

    mechanical fuel injection, atmospheric

  • Propulsion:


  • Power:

    10-20 hp

  • Power:

    10 ch (9.86 hp)


Nanni saildrive range - 8 SP60 engines from 10 to 60 hp

Nanni engines are setting the ultimate standards in efficient maneuvering at low speed, robustness and power at low rpm, comfort and safety in harsh weather conditions and longevity. They benefit from a new conical system for a reliable operation and a smooth Forward/Reverse clutching.
Excellent engineering: one-piece gearbox casing incorporating strong and well-machined gears for perfect shaft bearing lining and superior and long-lasting efficiency.
The SP60 can be fastened in line behind the engine or reversed at 180° and can drive 2 blade, 3 blade and folding propellers from 14" to 18"diameter.
The SP60 saildrive : added performance for more sailing pleasure
The SP60 saildrive is a real technical breakthrough

First of all the electrical insulation between the sail Drive and the engine prevents electrolysis and corrosion. The insulation is reinforced by the optional bipolar wiring recommended for metal hulls.
Transmission sound and vibrations are dampened by the twin diaphragm neoprene seal ensuring watertightness between the hull and the saildrive.
A 14% thinner Saildrive leg and better hydrodynamics generate less drag to favour higher speed under sail and power.
Moreover, there is a wide choice of propeller: 2 or 3 bladed, fixed or folding propellers, available in diameters from 14 to 18 inches.


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