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yacht sun awning / cockpit / stainless steel frame
Sun Awning 1 Multiplex GmbH



  • Application domain:

    for yachts

  • Function:


  • Structure:

    stainless steel frame


Top quality: The multiplex sun awning system is made of high-quality components. This means reliability for the upscale convenience on the yacht as well as on terraces and boarding platforms on the shore. The base: High-quality 120 mm poles (outside diameter), manufactured from carbon fibre according to specific demands and painted in AWL GRIP.

Corrosion-free materials of stainless steel (1.4571) complete the system.
Maximum diversity: The colors of the pole finish are entirely based on your personal preference.
There is hardly a limit to the use of the sailcloth materials nearly any conceivable geometry is possible.

***We issue 24 months guarantee for all our products***

Based on the sun awning system, we offer some more very practical products:
- Windshield to provide privacy
- Cinema Screen for your privat cinema on board

Windshield and cinema screen can be ordered and used without the sun awning system as these products are self-contained products.