patrol special vessel / high-speed
Protector 29 Motomarine 



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    30.85 m (101'02")

  • Passenger capacity:

    11 unit


The design features implemented in the Protector 29 serve a variety of needs and requirements. Extending over 29m long and 6m wide the spacious design provides a combination of facilities never previously found in similar sized vessels. Motomarine having substantially invested in the development of the craft as the first of a series of Special Purpose OFPV has joined hands with a well known yacht design firm, Alpha Marine, in order to apply our shipyards long standing experience in high speed vessel composite construction in an ergonomically designed interior arrangement which will supply a variety of features and increase its patrolling endurance. The vessel is designed to accommodate three engines and enables the operating authority to manage substantially higher speeds but at the same time utilize only two engines for long time patrolling and loitering this in hand results in a reduction in annual maintenance and operation costs. Following modern defense doctrines the vessel can be fully operational by a 4 man crew making its 11 total crew able to switch shifts as required to maintain position for longer periods. Her design contains a separate crew and officer’s mess, Radio Room & Radar Room, Operations Center while its extensive Galleys and storage facilities provide enough infrastructures to accommodate even the strictest requirements.