Inboard waterjet rescue boat / outboard / rigid hull inflatable boat
RB 7I Montmontaza Greben


  • Motor type:

    inboard waterjet, outboard

  • Other characteristics:

    rigid hull inflatable boat

  • Length:

    6.95 m (22' 10")


Montmontaza-Greben’s fast rescueboat are made of glass reinforced plastics with neoprene-hypalon tube.

• We are open tu fulfill customer requirements by offering a different types of fast rescueboat utilizing a various characteristics:
- length approx. 5 or 7 m over all,
- cruise speed 20 ... 35 knots,
- drive & propulsion: inboard engine with water jet or outboard

• All fast rescue boats available are equipped with selfrighting apparatus, central console, apropriate seats with seat belts for the best possible safety of crew, release hook with availability for Off-load and On-load release.


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