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stand-up paddle board paddle / recreational / asymmetrical / single
KANOA 8.3" X 18" Mistral



  • Application domain:

    for stand-up paddle boards

  • Intended use:


  • Configuration:


  • Number of blades:


  • Material:

    carbon, polycarbonate

  • Other characteristics:




Ideal economy paddle, in 3 different formats, single, two and three piece travel configurations.

The Kanoa is available in 3 formats

1 piece supplied at 86.5" (220cm) before trimming.
2 piece adjustable. Minimum height 66.75" (170cm) - maximum height 87" (221cm)
3 piece adjustable break apart. Minimum height 66" (168cm) - maximum height 86.5" (220cm)

Clamps - Double flat-head screw adjustment clamping system.

Break apart shaft for the 3 piece - Lower shaft connect with clamp and pin

Key Features

8.3" x 17" blade
Med aspect
Flat face
Palm grip
Shaft flex moderate
Blade tip to top of grip incremental measurments in inches and cm
Round shaft
Carbon composite shaft
Polycarbonate blade