reporting software / recording / control / monitoring
REFMAN Minitech Systems Limited



  • Type:

    reporting, recording, control, monitoring, maintenance management

  • Application domain:

    shipyard, for ships


REFMAN is a software package that has been specially designed to allow technical people who are involved with the day to day running of ships, to take control of the ship repair process.

REFMAN has a Specification Generator for compiling and printing specification documents, Cost Control for comparing shipyard tenders and reporting drydocking costs and Shipboard Defect Recording & Monitoring for managing defects and other jobs initiated onboard.

There is also a Drawing Package for creating simple drawings, sketches and annotating photographs, a Time Management module for planning and keeping track of the progress of jobs and a Yard Performance Evaluation module for 'grading' or 'rating' the shipyards performance.

REFMAN's Specification Generator has been designed to allow people who are not word processing "experts" to quickly and easily produce well formatted, professional looking specification documents.

To achieve this, REFMAN encourages a high degree of standardisation, not just in the presentation, style and layout of these documents, but also in technical content.

Standardisation of content is achieved by making use of previously written job descriptions both as templates and as standard work descriptions that can be used over and over again.

This saves both time and effort when preparing new specifications and provides an opportunity to refine or 'hone' each standard job description each time you use them which helps you produce 'tighter' and 'tighter' specifications!