4G internet modem / for yachts / for ships / for boats
NeptuLink 4G Microwave Vision Group


  • Type:

    4G internet

  • Application domain:

    for yachts, for ships, for boats

  • Other characteristics:

    with integrated antenna


The expectation for instant communication regardless of location in today’s world is now a priority. MVG has launched the award winning technology - NeptuLink by MVG.

NeptuLink by MVG is a 4G system for internet access in coastal areas. It satisfies the communication needs of maritime travelers by providing a continuous high speed Internet connection (100 Mbps) up to 20 nautical miles offshore.

The system has been designed specifically with the maritime environment in mind. With reinforced mechanics, it is tailored to withstand harsh marine conditions: high winds, corrosive elements, and the swells and lulls of the ocean.

NeptuLink by MVG houses a SIM card, thus allows high-speed connectivity to 4G networks at the same cost of mobile phone data access. All you need is to ask your service provider for a 2nd SIM card!

Through its two antenna transmitter-receivers, NeptuLink by MVG serves as a terminal that connects directly to distant 4G networks, or 3G or Edge where 4G is not available. Our 4G system allows maritime vessel owners to provide wireless access to everyone on board and maintain optimal communication regardless of:
• Humidity
• Sea salt and spray
• Rolling and pitching motion
• Vessel type (fishing boats, yachts, research vessels, wind farms, coast guard & sea rescue vessels)

Meet us for a live demo of NeptuLink at two major tradeshows:

- Düsseldorf, Germany, Booth# - Super Yatch France, Hall 7A, Section 7A G20, from 23-31 January;

- MIAMI boat show, Booth# - Hall Retail Pavillon - Stand M2004, from 11-15 February.