LNG carrier cargo ship / LPG carrier
Anthony Veder Meyer Werft



  • Type:

    LNG carrier, LPG carrier

  • Length:

    156 m (511'09")


The Dutch shipping company Anthony Veder (Rotterdam) has engaged MEYER WERFT in January 2011 with the construction of a new LNG-tanker. This gas tanker for the transportation of liquid natural gas will have an overall length of 156 meters and a breadth of 22,70 meters as well as a cargo capacity of 15.600 m³ LNG, which is cooled during transport up to minus 164° C. This modern tanker with the name Coral Energy will be equipped with low-emission gas propulsion that meets the highest environmental standards.
The delivery of this special ship is planned for the end of 2012. The sister corporation NEPTUN WERFT in Rostock is incorporated regarding the construction and especially for equipping the Coral Energy.
For Anthony Veder it is the second tanker of smaller size and it thus moves another step within the LNG market. By this ship the Dutch shipping company pursues the aim to supply the market with environmental-friendly energy.
In addition to the already completed and delivered 55 LPG- and LEG tankers by MEYER WERFT, for the first time a LNG tanker is build. Regarding this, the shipyard concentrates on ships of smaller size, which are used as LNG distribution ships. The shipyard sees an enormous future potential for this market.