voltage inverter-charger / DC / AC / marine
Merlin M/Power

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voltage inverter-charger / DC / AC / marine voltage inverter-charger / DC / AC / marine


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With load shedding, AC interlocks, combi inverter / chargers, and multiple AC sources becoming more widespread on today's vehicles & boats, complex wiring is becoming more difficult to do in situ. Merlin Equipment's BoxClever range of AC distribution consumer units are an 'off the shelf' solution to many electrical problems. With all complex wiring pre-completed, they are simple to install -just wire up to the colour coded and labelled terminals.

Our BloxClever range inlcudes a number of units specifically designed to compliment the setups we have encountered during the last decade. Merlin Equipment is however able to assemble custom consumer units or cabinets of any size or power rating according to your exact needs.

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