beacon signalling light / LED / white / for lighthouses
MLL 18 Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas, S.L.L.



  • Application domain:

    for beacons

  • Light source:


  • Color:


  • Applications:

    for lighthouses


The MLL 18 LED lamp has been designed to replace halogen lamps and lampchangers in old flashing lenses of 155-, 250- and 300-millimetre diameter.

With up to 18W power, it allows to equal and even surpass the intensity obtained by conventional lamps, with the additional advantage of an average life of 100,000 hours, what means a free-maintenance use over 25 years. Its luminous source is fitted with 6 nos. LED diodes of high intensity.

Its dimensions and power system allow an immediate replacement without need of any beacon modification. Exceptional thermal management and LED drivers guarantee an optimum efficiency all its life time. MLL 18 lamp low power allows an optimization of the power supply system, with the consequent economical savings.