beacon signalling light / incandescent / white / rotating
MBR 900 Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas, S.L.L.



  • Application domain:

    for beacons

  • Light source:


  • Color:


  • Mounting:



The MBR 900 is our longest range rotating beacon, made up of highintensity and low-consumption lamps. In fact, it is a compact major lighthouse, able to obtain up to 41 nautical miles.

This beacon is unique in the market, unmatched by any other commercial equipment. It can even replace the longest-range conventional lighthouse. This equipment includes a redundant rotating system, our MRM 160 gearless and brushless double electronic rotating motor, one working as standby of the main one. This feature lends it great reliability and availability.

Its genuine design, as well as high-quality and resistant manufacturing materials, provide an estimated lifespan of more than 25 years under the harshest marine conditions.

This beacon strictly meets IALA Recommendations.