beacon signalling light / LED / three-color
MRL Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas, S.L.L.



  • Application domain:

    for beacons

  • Light source:


  • Color:



The MRL are long-range LED Range Lights, especially designed to mark port approaching and entrance channels, rivers and straight lanes in bays. They are commonly used in traditional leading stations of two lights, in both day and night modes.

The navigator can move forward by the centre of a narrow channel when the two lights are aligned, separating them when the vessel strays from one side; this provides information on his position outside the leading line. When these lights are synchronized, they are much more conspicuous to distinguish them in locations with strong background lighting.

The MRL light produces an unidirectional beam with a horizontal divergence from 1.7º to 4.3º. Its luminous source, consisting of high-power LEDs of 100,000 hours average life, makes it a maintenance-free beacon.

Designed according to IALA Recommendations.