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dispersant spray system / oil spill / with arm / with nozzles
Mavi Spray E/D/C Mavi Deniz



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    dispersant, oil spill, with arm, with nozzles


MAVI DENIZ supply Airborne Spray System can operate from a base near the spill, and can be used on small / medium sized spills in confined or inaccessible situations.As a result of advantages offered by the aerial spraying of dispersants (good control and assessment of results, rapid response, high treatment rates, optimum use of the product, regardless of the sea state), a number of spraying systems have been developed for use with both fixed and rotating wing aircraft (helicopters).Existing units are either of a type which can be used by the aircraft of convenience or of the permanently installed type. Standard built-in spraying systems of crop spraying aircraft, widely used in agriculture, can be adapted for the spraying of dispersants.Only neat concentrate dispersants are suitable for use with airborne spraying systems.