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boat hydraulic power unit / for ships / for oil skimmers / electrically-powered
EPP Mavi Deniz



  • Application domain:

    for boats, for ships

  • Applications:

    for oil skimmers

  • Other characteristics:



Mavideniz Electric Hydraulic Power Pack will deliver all the smooth and reliable hydraulic power that you can use.The Electric Hydraulic Power Pack is a unit that provides pressurized oil for driving hydraulic motors or cylinders. The electric motor is the prime mover. Electric Hydraulic Power Pack is mostly delivered in combination with hydraulic driven pumps. Via hoses or piping the pressurized oil is transported to the hydraulic driven pump. By adjusting the flow of the power pack, the speed of the hydraulic pump can be adjusted. It is also possible to drive multiple pumps with one hydraulic power pack. In that case, a proportional valve is required to adjust the speed of the individual pumps.

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