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crew boat / inboard waterjet / aluminum
Mavi Deniz



  • Type:

    crew boat

  • Motor type:

    inboard waterjet

  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    24 m (78'08")

  • Passenger capacity:

    20 unit


Mavideniz Fast Crew Boat designs to operate in all kind of waters, and beyond the Class and Flag requirements. The optimized hull design reduces on-board noise, vibration, and indoor climate, according to the DNV comfort class notation. The boat also complies with the IMO High-Speed Craft (HSC) Code standards. Design of the Fast Crew Boat, we are working with the best designers in the worldwide because of that Fast Crew Boat has excellent speed, strength, and agility for carrying loads with excellent sea-keeping and stable platform for operations and also for production you will see our quality, standards, and differences.

Bridge operating stations control this fast crew boat. That seamlessly integrated with the boat ’s dynamic positioning system, which will provide station keeping and improved safety during crew transfers using the Ampelmann ‘walk to work’ passenger transfer system. Each control station consists of a twin throttle and reverses levers, and a steering device with the port and starboard bridge stations is also featuring a maneuvering joystick. All stations are interfaced through the appropriate Hamilton Jet modules to the voyage data recorder, autopilot, DP System and the monitoring system. Fast Crew Boat Superstructure arrangement enables easy access to engine room during maintenance. This ergonomic arrangement of the vessel will give maximum comfort during utilization and satisfaction for passengers and the crew.

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