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rescue boat / fireboat / inboard waterjet / outboard
Mavi Deniz



  • Type:

    rescue boat, fireboat

  • Motor type:

    inboard waterjet, outboard

  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    Min.: 9 m (29'06")

    Max.: 22 m (72'02")


The Mavideniz Fireboat and Rescue boat design to be fast, firefighting, rescue missions and emergency response operations for near shore emergencies, harbors, marina, lakes, inland waterways. We have models small to big size Fireboat and Rescue boat. Design of the fireboat allows making operation in shallow or inaccessible water and also for the small model can maneuver close to shore and around the smallest of marinas.

Fire Boat + Rescue Boat can be equipped with two to five remotely operated fire monitors. Fire Boat has a crane that can be on the back deck is fitted with cameras and a fire nozzle so that it can reach the deck of high freeboard container ships to view hot spots and direct water and foam as necessary. Fire Boat + Rescue Boat can be configured with twin 4-stroke Outboards or Inboard engine. Fitted with a pair of fire pumps that can pump more than 7000 GPM, the vessel can also carry a supply of foam.

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