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weir oil skimmer / for ships / sheltered waters
MAVI MOP V series Mavi Deniz



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    for ships, sheltered waters


Mavi Deniz Vessel Built in Zero Velocity Oil Mop Skimmer is a high-efficiency skimmer for recovering from floating oil on water. A rope mop consists of oleophilic fibers that are woven into a rope that floats on the surface of the water. A set of ropes is suspended between catamaran hulls.

Mop Oil Skimmer unit selectively attract oil and water-in-oil emulsions ensuring the complete recovery of spilled oil entering between the hulls. The oleophilic rope mops are propelled between the side hulls at the speed of the vessel over the water and passed into the water at the bow of the vessel and recovered over a roller fitted at midships.

Then they travel along a tunnel to a hydraulically powered wringer unit which both removes the adsorbed oil and drives the mops. The oily mops are brought aboard where water continues to drop off along the way. The oil is then completely removed from the rope when it is pressed as it goes through a wringer up near the bow of the skimmer. The recovered oil is initially collected in a sump beneath the wringer unit then transferred via an onboard pump to the built-in storage tanks or alternative storage such as floating tank.