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chemical product for oil spill cleanup
Mavi Deniz

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chemical product for oil spill cleanup chemical product for oil spill cleanup


Biogranular is an Oil Absorbent Granules, oil sorbent, manufactured from high quality, vegetable based granular sorbents. The manufacturing process produces a product which becomes both oleophilic ( absorbing hydrocarbons ) and hydrophobic ( water-repelling ). Oil Absorbent Granules absorbs hydrocarbons quickly on contact by virtue of its wicking action and encapsulates oil on contact. Absorbs oil but not water so can be used on water or on dry surfaces. This makes Oil Absorbent Granules ideal for hydrocarbon clean up; both on open water as well as land applications. Oil Absorbent Granules is a lightweight, nonbiodegradable product that absorbs or encapsulates hydrocarbons on contact rather than absorbing the oil through surface tension.