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pollution control ship
SEA HORSE series Mavi Deniz



  • Length:

    22 m, 26 m, 30 m (72'02")


Mavi Deniz is a market leader/world’s largest producer in the design and manufacture of Multi-Purpose Oil Spill Response Vessel. Mavi Deniz’s Oil Spill Response Vessel( OSRV ) can be seen in use all over the world. Multi-purpose anti-pollution workboats can be supplied already fitted with all the equipment necessary to implement an efficient and quick marine clean-up operation.Mavi Deniz recently introduced the Sea Horse, a multipurpose Oil Spill Response Vessel ( OSRV ).The versatile OSRV can be fitted with various types of response equipment so that it can be utilized in many different applications, including boom deployment, firefighting, buoy handling, towing, general work boat duties, monitoring, dispersant spraying, oil recovery, garbage collection, storage and disposal of micro-pollutants from the sea and beach clean-up operations. To combat pollution at sea, Sea Horse: isolates the polluted area with oil booms carried on board to recover hydrocarbon spills; collects and stores solid floating and semi-submerged waste; fights fires, clean rocks, and reefs plus provide general support in the area. Recovered oil storage, hydraulic power, and a clear deck with a hydraulic crane provide for a most versatile tool for many operations around the port and terminal.