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pollution control boom / rigid-float / sheltered waters / river
OR series Mavi Deniz



  • Type:

    pollution control

  • Technology:


  • Application zone:

    sheltered waters, river


Mavi Deniz’s River Boom is solid flotation booms which are economical, well-proven oil containment. River Boom Model range from sheltered calm waters, low current conditions through the high current open water oil containment.Mavi Deniz River Boom is a versatile, general-purpose boom designed for use in many different spill response applications. The River Boom freeboard is maintained with cylindrical foam floats. These floats offer a high degree of wave conformance and reserve buoyancy in choppy or rough conditions.River Boom is available in four different sizes. ( 1.000 mm / 750 mm / 500 mm / 250 mm )An optional added top tension member offers additional tensile strength and renders the boom more stable in fast currents. A heavy ballast chain is used to ensure the boom skirt does not lift in fast currents.Cylindrical foam floatation booms have a greater waterline beam, are more stable, and offer more buoyancy and increased performance in rougher conditions than fence type booms.