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water tank / hydrocarbon / bulk / temporary storage
E series Mavi Deniz



  • Contents:

    water, hydrocarbon, bulk

  • Applications:

    temporary storage

  • Type:

    bendable, floating

  • Other characteristics:

    portable, transfer

  • Capacity:

    Max.: 20,000 l (5,283.4 gal)

    Min.: 1,500 l (396.3 gal)


Mavi Deniz Floating Towable Storage Tank designed to the temporary storage and transportation of recovered liquids for operations in Oil Spill Recovery, Pipeline and Offshore Rig Service, Bulk Fluid Transfer, Portable Water Storage and Transport, Bilge, Sewage and Waste Water TransportationUse for temporary storage of liquids. Suitable for decontamination of equipment, personnel, and animals.Floating Towable Tank is Ideal for decanting of water during skimming operations. Ideal for oil spill cleanup operations.Mavi Deniz towable Floating Towable Tank is used at a port or harbor for temporary storage of light oil fuels that have been recovered by a skimmer. Oil recovered during skimming operations can be pumped into the towable oil storage tank which can then be moored until convenient to empty or immediately towed to oil disposal site.Can be used on land for temporary dry land storage or floating in the water.The storage tank can be towed empty or full by boats. Available in a range of sizes and capacities.