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pollution control boom / floating / sheltered waters / river
SELF series Mavi Deniz



  • Type:

    pollution control

  • Technology:


  • Application zone:

    sheltered waters, river

  • Other characteristics:



Self Inflatable Boom
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Mavi Deniz’s Self Inflatable Boom is rapid deployment boom makes it suitable for use in a wide variety of conditions from protected water to moderate ocean.

Self Inflatable Boom is a rapidly self-inflating, rapid response emergency deployment curtain type boom. The flotation chamber is cylindrical and retains its shape and stability by incorporating a series of semi-rigid, lightweight hoops spaced at equal intervals throughout the length of the boom.

Self Inflatable Boom is deployed from containers or a boat deck. Self-Inflating Flash boom will use faster than any other air inflatable boom in the world.

Rugged one-way inflation check valves are spaced along the top of the flotation chamber. Pure tension during deployment causes the boom to expand and automatically self-inflate.