Catamaran sailboat / cruising / flybridge
SILHOUETTE 760 Matrix Yachts


  • Number of hulls:


  • Intended use:


  • Deck layout:


  • Length:

    23.16 m (76' 0")


Matrix Yachts can be congratulated that the performance of the first of their Silhouette 760 sailing catamaran greatly exceeded all expectations. She floated precisely as planned and the novel design concepts incorporated in her design have proved most worthwhile. On her very first sea trial she effortlessly reached near wind speed and turned 180 degrees through the wind within two boat lengths. The hydraulic in-boom furling system, head sail roller furler and winches made sailing the boat effortless and remarkably safe. Her motoring ability is equally outstanding. In still conditions she attains a boat speed of 13.5kts and with the slightest of following sea she will attain 20kts! This makes her one of the fastest non-racing sailing yachts available. Part of her astonishing performance can be attributed to the fact that she slips over the water cleanly and does not trail a huge stern wave. All her sea trials were conducted at gross displacement. Public reaction to the styling of the Silhouette 760 has been overwhelmingly flattering. While her lines are tastefully futuristic her layout is incredibly space efficient. Her big volume, large windows and modern home appliances gives her a condo like feeling that appealed to sailors and non-seafarers alike.


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