Indoor ceiling light / for boats / LED / built-in
MR16 Mast Products


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    for boats

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Available in 3watt MR16 (50mm) & 60mm size in several choices of light colour output - Cool White, Warm White, and a 3-Colour or 7-Colour RGB.

We offer two versions, a Standard and an Extended (dimmable) unit, neither of which require a driver as the driver is built into the LED Light Unit. The Extended version has a built-in dimmer which is controlled by a pulse (momentary) switch. The wiring diagram for the Extended version can be found here.

The 3-Colour RGB LED Unit provides White, Red and Bright Blue coloured light. The 7-Colour RGB LED Unit provides White, Red, Light Blue, Bright Blue, Purple, Yellow and Green coloured light.


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