Exhaust gas monitoring system (for yachts and ships)
Vigilant™ Martek Marine

Vigilant™ - Funnel Smoke Monitoring System
Vigilant™ is a Funnel Smoke Monitoring System that measures optical opacity in ship exhaust stacks to record and help control smoke emissions from marine diesel engines, boilers and incinerators. Using a single pass (transmitter/receiver) arrangement the system records an opacity reading from 0-100%.

• Marine Boilers
• Auxiliary Diesel Engines
• Main Propulsion Diesel Engines
• Marine Incinerators
• Combustion Units
• TMSA Part 3, Element 10 Best practice

Simple Installation by Your Ship’s Crew
The system is supplied in a modular kit format consisting of a Transmitter head (TX), a Receiver head (RX), and an optional Operator Interface (OI) control unit. No specialist knowledge is required to install and commission the system meaning it can be fitted by your ship’s crew.

Self Cleaning for Optimum Performance
Both the TX and RX heads are supplied with an air-purge body which when connected to a high volume of clean low pressure air (a blower is recommended) will resist particle deposition on the lenses and further lengthen service intervals.

Rugged and Reliable
Vigilant™ has no moving parts, is of rugged design, and has an excellent reliability record. Maintenance simply involves cleaning the TX and RX lenses, which are easily accessible due to the latched head design.

• Low maintenance (no moving parts or perishables, and easy optics access)
• Simple installation and functionality
• Programmable alarm contacts and 4-20mA output
• Rugged construction
• Utility software with full command and control features


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