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rescue belt / for stand-up paddle boards
Adult Marketfleet, Inc. Driftsun



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    for stand-up paddle boards


Driftsun Manual Inflatable Adult Life Belt, Universal Fit Personal Flotation Device
When it comes to summer fun and safety, Driftsun has your back. Our Driftsun SUP Manual Inflatable Life Belt is a manual flotation belt pack that provides complete range of motion and movement with minimal bulk. Our SUP life belt inflates manually by pulling a simple T-cord attachment, an oral inflation tube is provided to increase and decrease buoyancy.

Our engineers designed this belt to be lightweight and comfortable. Its universal size will provide optimal safety when a vest is a bit too bulky preventing from optimal movement. It is the ideal PFD to wear when stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, boating or for any other water sports where Personal Floatation Devices are required.

Our life belt features a zipper pocket that offers convenient storage for small personal items, reflective tape for greater visibility in the water, a safety rescue whistle, and an oral inflation tube. Durable nylon material resists tears and punctures while holding up to the rigors of outdoor use.

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