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electric air pump / for stand-up paddle boards
Bravo BTP12 Marketfleet, Inc. Driftsun



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    for stand-up paddle boards


Driftsun Dual Stage Bravo Electric Stand Up Paddleboard Pump
The Driftsun Bravo BTP12 is a super efficient lightweight dual stage stage high pressure piston pump that will inflate from 1 to 15 PSI in approximately 4-6 minutes. Switch the pump to deflate and it has the capability completely deflate your board in 2-3 minutes. Simply connect the alligator clips to a battery, set the dial to your desired pressure setting, press the "on" button and this workhorse will do the rest.

Fitted with an aspiration air filter that is easily accessible for cleaning and replacement. Pump automatically stops when desired pressure is reached. This unit utilizes a 12V battery for portability. It does not connect to AC wall outlets or car cigarette adaptors. Can be fitted with a Turbo Pump Lead Battery for cordless use (not included). Excellent for use with bigger kayak / boat hulls, drop-stitch SUPs,

- Dimensions: 8" x 4" x 5"
- Maximum Absorption: 20 Amps
- Air Flow : 160 l/min 450 l/min
- Max Pressure: 15 PSI (1 Bar)