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all-around stand-up paddle-board / inflatable / PVC
Barge 15’ Mega Marketfleet, Inc. Driftsun



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Driftsun Barge 15’ Mega Inflatable Multi-Person Stand Up Paddleboard
The Driftsun Barge 15’ Giant Inflatable Paddleboard is truly the ultimate party on the water. Whether you’re in search of a booze cruse, some family fun or a relaxing picnic in the middle of the lake, this paddle board is great for group activities. Our package combines the highest quality materials, workmanship and top notch accessories at an unbeatable price. Driftsun paddle boards were born on the lakes and rivers of Northern California. Thoughtfully designed, constructed and tested by a team that lives to paddle.

Nothing beats paddling with the whole family or surfing with your best friends on the same board! This mega SUP offers high performance in both flat water and small waves. Despite it's the large size, the Driftsun Barge is surprisingly lightweight and maneuverable. It can easily be handled with as few as 2 people. When fully inflated it rivals the feel of hard board, but much lighter! Constructed from Military Grade layered PVC using MLS Drop-Stitch Technology.

- Driftsun 15' Barge Inflatable Mega Paddleboard
- 2 X Dual Action High Pressure / High Volume Pump
- 2 X Valves for Quick and Efficient Inflation
- 14 Strategically Placed Neoprene Handles for Easy Group Transport
- Textured Rear Deck Pad with Side D-Ring Tie Down Points
- EVA Comfort Padded Forward Traction Pad
- Bungee Storage Area
- Underside Anchor D-Ring for Docking
- 9" Removable Center Tracking Fin
- Repair Kit