rescue boat / fireboat / inboard waterjet / aluminum
ALUSAFE 1800 FIFI Maritime Partner AS



  • Type:

    rescue boat, fireboat

  • Motor type:

    inboard waterjet

  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    18.4 m (60'04")

  • Passenger capacity:

    18 unit


The new Alusafe 1800 FIFI, is a specially designed firefighting and rescue craft. The vessel is equipped to handle firefighting operations, as well as search and rescue missions, diving missions and to provide assistance in acute pollution operations. The vessels offshore-hull makes it equally suited for operating in open oceans, and shielded waters.

Forceful water cannons

The vessel is equipped with a separate generator for its water cannons, which holds a combined pump capacity of 6000 liters of seawater per minute. The two remote-controlled water cannons have respective pump capacities of 2000 liters per minute, and 4000 liters per minute. Both water cannons can be operated via wireless remote control.

The pumps and firefighting equipment can withstand continuous use during prolonged operations. The vessels dynamic positioning system ensures that the vessel remains stable and in position during any operation, without mooring to shore.

Well-equipped work platform

The new vessel is manufactured in compliance with demands for a safe work environment and security for both crew and passengers. It is equipped with an advanced searchlight system and a gyro stabilized heat-seeking camera, to ease SAR operations in the dark and in situations with limited visibility.

The vessels hydraulic system operates the bow thruster and anchor winch, and is also dimensioned to operate the deck crane, as well as providing deck-fitted connections for hydraulic external equipment, such as hydraulically driven pumps and cutting equipment.

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