ship MOB boat / hydro-jet / inboard / aluminum
Alusafe 770 Work MK II Maritime Partner AS



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Propulsion:

    hydro-jet, inboard

  • Other characteristics:



Alusafe 770 MKII Work is a Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) with a hull of marine aluminium specially designed for service in the offshore business. The craft is built in accordance with SOLAS 83 regulations and NMD’s regulation for rescue craft for offshore use.

Alusafe 770 MKII Work is a purpose built vessel, designed to meet the clientes needs. The hull with deep V-bottom design is suitable for high speed ahead and has high manoeuvrability going astern. The V-bottom design also gives easy motion when stationary in a critical operation.

Alusafe 770 MKII Work is designed to meet the strictest requirements and is certified as a Fast Rescue Craft. The craft is fully welded of extrusions and plates. Longitudinal bulkheads and longitudinal stiffeners and the keel section provides strength and protects the bottom shell. Further on the hull is divided into five separate watertight compartments.

The cocpit is made of GRP and provides seating for a crew of two, side by side. It gives excellent protection for the crew and allows easy access to manoeuvring and all of the instruments.

The craft is is type approved with a CE certificate according to Solas 83, nominated body: DNV. In addition it has a type approval from NMD.

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