fuel management software / for ships
FuelSaver Marine Alignment A/S



  • Type:

    fuel management

  • Application domain:

    for ships


The fully integrated FuelSaver module in Easeacon is a combination of the new AutoBallast and the existing OptiTrim modules.

Based on genetic algorithms, FuelSaver saves fuel by finding a series of ballast solutions which are both checked for strength and stability, and optimized with regards to the fuel consumption at a specified speed by adjusting the draught and trim.

Not only will you be given solutions within your selected trim range, but FuelSaver can also indicate if you may save even more fuel by changing your selected criteria.

All ballast solutions are checked for strength and stability
Set your own criteria of minimum GM, trim, etc.
Check savings and print reports to support fleet performance initiatives
Fuel savings of up to 2% are easily obtained, - in the initial phase, save even more
Supports ISO 14001 compliance
Improve your ship’s charter value