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    for marinas

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Majestic's construction method permits us to produce any size of pontoon with any freeboard adapting the jetty perfectly to your mooring requirement whether for navy vessels, super yachts or smaller private leisure craft.

Pontoons are timber framed, with all internal and external surfaces fully encapsulated in fiberglass providing a robust, durable and economic solution.

The inner frame of the jetty is made of timbers individually encased in several layers of fiberglass which give it additional strength and render it impervious to water and corrosion. The external panels are heavy duty ply encased entirely in fiberglass which provides not only the strength and anti-corrosion qualities but also render it completely watertight. Each pontoon is divided into watertight compartments, so that even in the event of an accident the pontoon is unsinkable. The solidity of the entire matrix of the frame makes the pontoon much lighter than the concrete competitor but still heavy enough to sit solidly in the water.


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