ship watermaker / for yachts / reverse osmosis
MROS MAHLE Industriefiltration



  • Application domain:

    for ships, for yachts

  • Type:

    reverse osmosis


Efficient maritime drinking water treatment with the new MROS series

Safe and economical sea water desalination and drinking water treatment are a necessity on board commercial, passenger and cruise ships, megayachts, marine and research vessels, as well as on offshore platforms. MAHLE Industriefiltration has expanded the maritime product portfolio with the new compact and efficient reverse osmosis systems from the MROS series. These standard systems cover all requirements from 2 to 60 m³/day.Larger designs equipped with different membranes as well as special-purpose systems (such as with shock test and explosion protection) are also possible for special applications. As a result, even the most stringent regulations for sea water desalination can be met effortlesslyusing economical and reliable technology.

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