mooring cordage / double-braid / for yachts / polyester core
Magistr SIA



  • Type:


  • Structure:


  • Application domain:

    for yachts

  • Core material:

    polyester core

  • Sheathing material:

    polyester sheath


Silver ropes are made of high tenacity Polyester and Polysteel in combination 1:1. This combination provides for a high tenacity and a good UV resistance, and Polyester yarn in the rope structure, makes it resistant to the abrasion and to high temperatures. Silver ropes find their application in the fishery and the navigation. The ropes are made according to the requirements of the standard LVS EN ISO 14686: 2004 (E).

Standard length of rope in coil is – 100m, 110m, 200m and 220m. Any other length is available on customer’s request.

Main properties:
specific weight – 1,15 g/сm3 (sink in water)
melting temperature – 260°C /165°C
absorb humidity
resistance to chemically active habitat
standard Polyester colour – white, for Polysteel – any colour (colour choice is approved by the customer)

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