private hovercraft
MAD-81 BUFOcraft MAD Hovercraft



  • Type:


  • Length:

    3.2 m (10'05")


Our crazy frog looking Bufocraft hovercraft is a 1-2 person hovercraft retains the same core design as the Tornado MAD-81s hovercraft, but with modifications to improve racing performance capabilities and to add class (yes, we realize some don't find it appealing - have some imagination!).

With its high weight-to-power ratio, increased horsepower, optimized fan setup, improved cushion response system, and exotic bullfrog design, this is sure to be an eye catcher!

You will not find a better standard factory-produced model for racing in the hovercraft market. Bufocraft is available as a turn-key and fully functional vessel delivered to your home. Kits are not available for this model.